Your Sydney Office Design says a lot about your enterprise

23 February 2016

Your Sydney Office Design says a lot about your enterprise

You want your corporate space to be more than just a building where your employees punch in. You want it to be a spot of inspiration, a place where people are bringing their best and brightest ideas to the fore. You want a space that ensures your customers are enlightened and your clients are impressed, because as we all know, a spot such as this makes employees happy – and happy employees are productive ones.

The information age has heralded the beginning of a new form of entrepreneurship. The youth, tech-savvy since birth, maintain a considerable advantage over their elder peers in tech fields, and their new workplaces reflect this. Now, many a startup is staffed by managers no older than thirty, and their notions of flat management mean they bring a new perspective on work spaces.

But one element of these new office types began to strike people: they were suddenly creating a more efficient workplace. By breaking away from the drab confines of the office farm or the sterile cubicle, employees were functioning better, communicating better, and working more effectively. Being offered the freedom to share ideas and their workloads allowed them each to play to their strengths, organically making the workplace a more efficient, more relaxed place to be.

As such, the variety of offices spiked enormously. Urban and office designs melded, and began to create areas of striking complexity and considerable beauty. With a precedent set by the successful startups of the information age, such as Ebay, Facebook, and Google, the sky was the limit for creative office design, in Sydney and worldwide.

Now, the idea prevails that depending on your sector of the market, you can design an office that suits it. For the media startup, you want plenty of good banter and networking within your staff, so plenty of shared spaces, wide tabletops, and bright colours. For call centres, you want some privacy to speak on the phone, while preserving enough camaraderie to keep you engaged. For each nuance of the working world, there is a suitable office.

At the Sydney Office Fitout Company, we think we have a good handle on this. Let us take your business to the next level with a brilliant new design. Contact us today!

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