Ways For You To Save On Your Office Fit Outs

28 December 2016

Ways For You To Save On Your Office Fit Outs

While renovating your office can be quite exciting, it pays to beware of the costs that can escalate at an alarming rate. Here are a few tips to help you keep a check on how much you’re spending while revamping your workspace.

Opt For Open Plans

The fewer the walls, the smaller the cost. See if you can go for wide, open spaces where you can set up standalone work areas for your employees.

Allow Maximum Natural Light

Try and let in as much natural light as you possibly can into your office. This will not only cut down your lighting costs but it will also boost productivity.

Get LED Lighting

Installing LED lights enables you to save a great deal of energy while getting brighter light. Moreover, it also allows you to make huge savings on your lighting bills!

Buy In Bulk

The greater the quantity, the cheaper the product. If possible, get the same kind of furniture and appliances for the entire staff, from a select set of suppliers.

Rent If You Can

Office hardware such as computers, printers, etc. are also available for rent. Renting these appliances instead of buying them will help you save.

Recycle Old Goods

See what you can continue using from your existing set furniture and appliances. Even if they need a bit of restoration, it will probably still cost you less.

Decorate With Local Art

Look for some inexpensive pieces of artwork from local artists. In case you have staff members with artistic talent, you can even ask them to contribute.

Do It Yourselves

See if you can get furniture that can be assembled easily by you and your staff members. This task will also help them bond better and boost their team spirit.

Get Multiple Quotes

Consult multiple contractors and get their quotes. See which one of them has the capability to provide you with quality work at a price that’s closest to your budget.

Always Negotiate

Remember, every single contractor out there is vying to do business with you. Use this to your advantage and bargain on the quoted rates.

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