Trends: Modern Office Design for Sydney’s Tech Firms

03 August 2017

Trends: Modern Office Design for Sydney’s Tech Firms

It is an exciting time in the world of corporate headquarters. The immense wealth that is being generated in certain areas, especially tech, has meant the same creativity and innovation that defines this sector is being put to use in brick and mortar, and modern office designs, in Sydney and around the world, are taking note.

Apple has recently put the finishing touches on its new headquarters, constructed in the shape of an Ipod dial, and the same size as the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. It reportedly cost upwards of five billion dollars. Salesforce, a cloud-computing giant, is working on the completion of its 40-story headquarters in San Francisco, with a nightly light show that can be detected as far as fifty kilometres away. Ostentation is apparently rife in this growing industry, but with that said, the interiors of these buildings are set to attract nearly the same amount of attention.

In these purpose-built buildings, the designers were able to put together workspaces catering directly to the needs of their residents. The tenants are far more likely to stay in iconic, purpose-built buildings for a long time, so there was no need to dilute the design in the hopes of attracting a future buyer, tenant, or investor. As such, these places set some brand new trends for Sydney’s modern office designers, in tech and elsewhere.

Fluidity is king among these new workspaces. The employees are often assigned work spaces, but they are free to roam, with certain areas in place to cater to different tasks and whims. At Salesforce, for example, the top two floors of the tower are an airy coffee shop, meant to allow workers the chance to enjoy the striking views of the city.

Part of this serves as an attractant for top talent. But it is also a homage to the idea that in a fluid workplace, employees are more and more likely to run in to idea-rich, influential co-workers, there to put their heads together and make ideas run together. The benefits of sideways thinking have been well-proven, and the modern tech workplace is perhaps the best example yet of the degree to which this idea has taken off.

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