The Legend of the GooglePlex | Office Refurbishments Sydney

26 March 2019

The Legend of the GooglePlex | Office Refurbishments Sydney

Perhaps it’s only fitting that the newly-crowned oligarchs – the tech giants – are also driving trends in office refurbishments, here in Sydney, and throughout the world. These firms, like Facebook, Google, Bing, and Amazon are youthful entrants, but have amassed huge influence in short order. And their youthful workforces have demanded a unique sort of office.

These aren’t your grandfather’s offices. The battle for talent among these giants, to say nothing of the myriad of startups, challengers, and niche market entrants, has enveloped hiring practices. And what these firms have found is that throwing money at these millennials guns is only effective to a point – they are seeking an environment that appeals to them and their unique quirks.

They want space, they want flexibility, and they want a cohesive environment. This has driven a rise in shared spaces, common offices, floating desks, ping pong tables, free lunches, free coffee, business-issued bicycles, yoga classes on-site…the list goes on. Truly, this is a new breed of workplace. And one of the most influential is the cavernous GooglePlex.

Welcome to Mountain View

The suburb of Mountain View, located near Palo Alto and Stanford University, has long served as a mecca for tech. Sergey Brin began his journey here, as did Elon Musk. Talent breeds talent, as they say.

Google – or, to be precise, Alphabet Inc, its controlling entity – is a monster. The world’s largest and most influential search engine, it has spread its reach in to a huge number of areas, including search marketing, info storage, paid advertising, you name it. Thousands of marketers hang on to news about its updates with bated breath, and working here can make or break a career. Little wonder, then, that the GooglePlex is so impressive.

Spread over nearly 300 000 square metres, the home of Google puts together the crème de la crème of tech employee perks. It has onsite gyms. Baristas, cooks, lunches, free bicycles, parking spots, free laundry services, onsite sand volleyball courts…walking through the GooglePlex is like experiencing the Biodome. Solar panels adjoin nearly every flat surface, providing 30% of the complex’s peak power needs. This also aids in powering a permanent projection showing a live, real-time feed of current searches occurring on Google’s search engine. For those days when they need a bit of acoustic noise, a grand piano sits in the lobby, just in case.

Reflections at home

Office refurbishments in Sydney are beginning to take more and more note of the layout and style of workplaces like the GooglePlex. Especially as tech startups mature in to giants of their own – in the form of Freelancer or Sydney’s own home-grown story, Atlassian – they begin to compete for talent in the same manner that Silicon Valley does.

In the main city centres, the tendency is more to build vertically, rather than out. In this regard, many tech offices aren’t altogether similar to the GooglePlex, but the fitout itself is where similarities are found. A co-working space, one that encourages creative solutions and out-of-the-box thinking, is the winner, and one that has proven to be effective by tech firms worldwide. Spaces for recreation, and perks, such as adequate kitchens or catering, are growing in importance. Underground bicycle parking is being found in more and more buildings, as are indoor plants and office entertainment.

Here at SOFC Fitouts and Refurbishments, we do our best to stay on top of trends dominating the world of modern office fitouts, here in Sydney and globally. With tech taking a larger and larger share of the pie in Sydney’s CBD, an emphasis has been placed upon providing a workspace that appeals to this demographic. With our help, we can help yours to work to its fullest potential.

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