The Essential Office Fit Out Guide

19 July 2016

The Essential Office Fit Out Guide

Be it office relocation or renovation, the fit out process usually ends up being a cumbersome task, one that requires a lot of your time and attention. Here’s a simple guide to help you deal with this tiresome project efficiently.

The Pre-planning

There are certain things that you need to take into consideration before you begin with the fit out planning and designing.

  • – The number of employees that are currently working in the company.
  • – The employees needs and their suggestions for the new layout.
  • – The kind of clients that will be visiting your office on a regular basis.
  • – The brand values and ideas that you want to promote through the new look.

The Actual Planning

This is when you start looking at the important elements that you need to pay attention to while planning the layout.

  • – Take a close look at the floor plans and to come up with a layout that allows you to make optimum use of the space available to you.
  • – Ensure that the lighting system provides sufficient amount of light throughout the workspace.
  • – Try and choose a color scheme that goes in sync with your brand identity. Also, see to it that the colors promote greater productivity.
  • – Since technology is now an essential part of every organization, try and plan the layout to be as technologically sound as possible.

The Budgeting

The budget plays a pivotal role in determining the fit out plans that you can implement for your new and improved workspace.

  • – Get estimates from a number of contractors for your office fit out project.
  • – If you have multiple location options to choose from, get separate estimates for each option that you are considering.
  • – Take into consideration every minute detail while finalizing the budget to avoid surprise expenses down the line.

The Designing

Once you have an idea about the funds that you can set aside for your office fit out project, start with the designing part.

  • – Have the fit out and designing contractors draw up some plausible design ideas for your office.
  • – Create a mood board to get a better idea of how the design will pan out in real life.
  • – Borrow ideas that you think you can use in your office from other work places that you visit.
  • – Try and go for a fit out design that is more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

The Fit Out Partners

Choosing the right fit out and designing contractor is one of the most crucial decisions that you will be making.

  • – Go for a company that has good reputation in the market to back up its claims of excellence.
  • – Get a clear understanding about the services included in the estimates that they have given you.
  • – Ensure that you clearly communicate your expectations from the new plans for the office.
  • – If possible, personally visit some of the offices that the contractors may have worked on previously.

Points to Remember

  • – Ensure that you have all the necessary permits, insurances and any other paperwork that you may need, before you begin with the project.
  • – Ask your fit out partners about all their term and conditions and understand them before you finalize the deal.
  • – When choosing furniture and equipments for the new layout, see if you can reuse any of the old pieces and get rid of the rest to avoid clutter.
  • – Understand the health and safety measures that will be taken when the project is underway.
  • – See to it that your new fit out plans are future proof, so as to avoid any hassles when you decide on expanding your team size.

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