The Basics of Sydney Office Design

23 July 2016

The Basics of Sydney Office Design

At the Sydney Office Fit Out company, we enjoy providing office designs that will improve the look and the feel of your office. We want to keep you happy with quality work, and your workforce satisfied and enthusiastic with state-of-the-art designs that will encourage productivity and satisfaction. But this involves more than just the planning board.

The field of workplace happiness is constantly evolving, and is driven not only by the basics of layout and amenities. It has to incorporate the nature of the sector, which can often dictate the style of work and worker. Research in to the nature of the ‘best’ office does have some set standards, however. These are some of the most important.


Maintaining a temperature between 22-25 degrees centigrade has been shown to provide the greatest productivity, and encourages attention to detail throughout several different sectors. Anywhere outside that zone, and you will find sharply falling levels of typing and data accuracy – up to 150% percent, according to one study.

Colour Patterns

We want to focus on bright pastels in our workplace. Not only do these reflect light inside the office more effectively, offering it a brighter and more optimistic motif, they also encourage a more collaborative team mentality. Brighter yellows and greens can be used for more creative spaces, but stay away from reds – they tend to encourage more abrasive, independent styles.

Add some green

We evolved among green backdrops, and the addition of some indoor plant life can have a soothing effect on our collective work day, by providing a natural look to the office and serving to deaden the inherent office noises of talking, shuffling, and cooling fans. Many modern Sydney office designs incorporate green hedging, as a workplace divider.


This one is more specific to the industry, but many offices are seeking out some background music or sound to break up the silence. These can be as diverse as classical music, to radio, to podcasts. It also pays to offer earplugs to those who work best with their own form of music in their ears.

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