Sydney’s Office & Commercial Fitout experts tackle the recreational space

07 May 2016

Sydney’s Office & Commercial Fitout experts tackle the recreational space

The evolution of Sydney office design has had to evolve to keep pace with trends from all over the working world. As research and literature has shown us different methods of improving the pace and happiness of our workforce, we have taken these proven methodologies to heart, and made them an intrinsic element of our designs.

One key element that has grown strongly alongside the open-plan office has been the rise of the in-office recreational area. An area with some casual pursuit, with which employees can pursue during the course of an intense work day, can be employed as a form of relaxation, without leaving the building or calling it a day. These have offered our employees the chance to refresh, and its value is underestimated.

Such recreational pursuits have been shown to improve lateral thinking, while the competitive zeal and enjoyment of such games can cement a team mentality – important for a group that will encourage each other to reach higher and to work harder. This notion has been translated in to many recent commercial office designs and fitouts in Sydney’s office buildings.

Recreational pursuits aren’t necessarily the best idea at workplaces that place a huge emphasis on a competitive culture: they can become overly competitive or too much of a distraction, or worse, can encourage a workforce to actively work against each other. But used properly, such healthy habits as table tennis tournaments among amateurs can not only promote good health, they can encourage a group to speak openly, and break down barriers between groups.

Placed in a central location, an office design that incorporates rec areas can work to improve the level of productivity between members of a workforce. They can encourage better morale and an overall higher level of team camaraderie and happiness. That is why they have gained in popularity, and that’s why we encourage them through our Sydney office designs and commercial fit outs.

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