Sydney’s Commercial Interior Fit Out Companies: Thinking Forward

16 March 2017

Sydney’s Commercial Interior Fit Out Companies: Thinking Forward

Sydney needs little introduction to the world of superlatives. Icons exist here in plenty – beaches, bridges, harbours, and genius architecture stand out, and are among the most recognisable virtues of Australian’s largest metropolis. And now, this taste for the extraordinary has begun to make itself clear in our taste in office design.

Sydney’s commercial interior fit out companies have begun to shape the next generation of office building. These include some of the most eye-catching and modern offices in the Asia-Pacific, and they have not gone unnoticed by pundits in the industry. From the industrial revival in Haymarket to the skyscrapers of the CBD, waves are being made, by a variety of firms.

Dropbox is one example. This tech firm is one of the more dynamic online storage firms on the market. Its new office in the central business district brings to the fore a number of key aspects to firms in this market, in particular, a motif that brings together the home and the office. This means comfortable seating, plenty of natural sunlight, and opportunity to work out of doors.

This taste for technological accommodation was further reflected in the office of the Australian success story, Atlassian, a software firm. Every desk here is equipped with video communications, and the quiet space allotment here works against the current trend of hot desking. The large windows and western exposure was also deemed vital in the planning stages.

Many customer service firms have realised the link between a positive environment, filled with natural light, upon their employees. These designs now seem to be integral to attracting a properly motivated and driven workplace.

To learn more about these realities and stunning new bespoke office designs, contact the local experts at the Sydney Office Fitout Company.

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