Sydney Office Design and the Coffee Shop: A new trend in refurbishment

17 December 2016

Sydney Office Design and the Coffee Shop: A new trend in refurbishment

Blog 17The mobile work environment has become less of a perquisite among millenials in certain sectors, and more of a necessity. The reality of some types of modern work, especially those that highlight creativity and individual work environments, means that many of us are no longer able to break the monotony with a colleague’s partnership. We need a landscape that inspires us in the midst of our individualistic work.

This reality has been reflected in the choices of areas that this demographic tends to occupy for their working hours. The coffee shop is perhaps the best example of an areas where this new industry has tended to gather, inspired by the bustle, the chatter, and of course, the caffeine.

And office designers, and office refurbishment in Sydney, have both taken note of this. Now, across a number of new offices, the coffee shop motif has become a reality, and replete with good brews and baristas, able to inspire their workers without even leaving the building.

The motif has not been lost in these in-office refurbishments here in Sydney. The gentle lighting, mood music, and murmur of the crowd is here in good supply. There is good wifi, and power stations, so there is no scrambling for a plug. And of course, there is some top-flight joe.

These sort of concessions might seem like overkill. In the media, the common refrain of the ‘entitled’ generation abounds, across a wide number of mediums. But the reality is, these types of areas help you to attract, and retain, the highest-quality employees. They can help you to encourage the best from your workforce, and put them in a place where they can most effectively contribute to your bottom line. This office design trend in Sydney could be entirely worth your while.

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