Sydney Office Design and Greenery | Commercial Office Fitout Design

06 December 2016

Sydney Office Design and Greenery | Commercial Office Fitout Design

As of 2016, there are few prevailing themes to Sydney’s office design and commercial office fitout designs in this fair city. Each has been personalised to the user of the office, their sector, their workforce, and the preferences of their management. But between these influences, a few notable trends have begun to rise to the top, and one of these is a taste for greenery.

In a city that is as highly allergenic as Sydney, air quality is of a major concern for a large number of sufferers – especially at this time of year, when the trees begin to produce pollen. And indoor air quality, as counter-intuitive as it seems, is often just as bad, if not worse, than that outdoors. Indoor ducts can become dusty, and with nowhere to go, particulate matter can easily become a feature of your office building.

This is one of the key reasons that plant life has become such a key aspect of many newer office designs in Sydney. Indoor plants and green walls offer your building a natural method of air purification, producing oxygen, and absorbing some of the allergenic particulate matter that could be bothering your workforce.

They offer further advantages, as well. Green walls and barriers provide an excellent buffer for sound, providing a muffler between noisy hot desks and quieter work areas. This quality has made hedges very popular as material for the top of cubicles.

Furthermore, greenery offers us relaxation. Having evolved in the woods and jungles, people are naturally soothed by the presence of plant life around them, and when people are more relaxed, they are more focused, and more productive.

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