New Build and Refurbishment

An Experienced Hand

Here at SOFC Fitout and Refurbishment, we have been providing office refurbishments for Sydney businesses for over 30 years. Well-versed across a variety of sectors, and with hundreds of satisfied clients, we take pride in reviving and renewing workplaces across the breadth of Sydney’s business landscape.

We work with clients as diverse as professional services, technical services, to higher education, health, and beyond. Through our initial consultative process, we lay out the nature of your business, from the broad, to the specifics. We know how to match a client with an office that will suit them perfectly, and our experience and relationship with our contractors means we can stay wedded to your budget.

A Comprehensive Service

SOFC Fitout and Refurbishment offers:

  • End-to-end office fitouts, from conception to completion
  • The exclusive use of premium contractors, to get the job done properly, the first time
  • Strict adherence to cost estimates, through our proven pricing method
  • Honest costing, from the beginning, through our No Variations clause
  • A commitment to a lack of disruption, to keep your staff productive throughout the process

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