Project solutions

Here at the SOFC, we take pride in offering project solutions for offices of any size, from big to small, across any and all sectors.


With over 20 years of experience providing our top-flight project solutions, refurbishments, and fitout design, we have a wealth of experience and insight to back us up. We are experienced across all elements of property, with highly experienced tradesmen and women on our staff, and a carefully chosen, select group of contractors.


We offer services ranging from:

Why Are We Different?

What sets us apart? Our experience allows us to take care of our client base without disturbing their workday. We undertake 80% of our fit outs in space that is currently occupied, and we can allow you to carry on operations as normal.


Our experienced background allows us to offer services that range from repairing a broken door lock, all the way to an entire tenancy fit out, occupying an entire floor. All of this can be accomplished with our in-house team, along with our preferred contractors and suppliers.


Our work can include anything from simple, basic housekeeping tasks essential to your office, all the way to the removal of an entire tenancy, to plumbing repairs and electrical work. No matter the work that is needed, we have a solution, and the expertise to execute.


Our wide range of happy clients include:

  • Local, State, and Federal Government Departments
  • Financial Institutions: banks and building societies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Property Managers
  • Architects
  • Estate Agents
  • Corporate Facility Managers

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Should you choose to perform your own fit out or refurbishment, at SOFC, we can offer you expert advice and design a plan of attack to revive your office, with a minimal impact on your daily affairs.


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