Office Renovations in Sydney: Trends Pt. I

15 April 2016

Office Renovations in Sydney: Trends Pt. I

Spending days, weeks, and months curving our bodies in to desk chairs is not the natural state for our bone structures. We were meant to straighten out – walking, running, or laid out flat while sleeping. This new reality has given rise to common lower back pain in people at desks, and has also bred new coping methods among our working population.

Standing work stations are not new. They have been incorporated in to a large number of situations, but were typically used as a curative measure for back pain – not so much as a method of prevention. However, this is set to change. Variable-height work stations, along with the installation of standing-height desk or shelf areas, have become common in many working environments – and a common request in office renovations for Sydney.

Simply, they allow the user to pick and choose their desired desk height. If an employee is suffering from a sore back, they can choose to stand, either at another workstation at a different height, or by increasing the height of their desk. Those who are happy sitting – females often suffer fewer lower back injuries or pain then their male counterparts, and more often prefer sitting – can do so.

This flexibility allows an employee to customise his day, and figure out which format works best for him or her. They can take an office environment and make it suit their own preferences, ensuring a lengthy and productive work day, while avoiding the stress and cramp associated with a seated position.

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