Office Fitout Tips to Boost Productivity

21 January 2020

Office Fitout Tips to Boost Productivity

A great contemporary office fitout should allow for two things. A great experience for your customers and ultimate employee productivity. As one of the main Sydney commercial interior fit out companies, this stuff excites us!

We’re yet to come across a company that isn’t looking to boost their business output. Many business owners don’t realise that productivity can be boosted with simple changes to the working environment.

So, we’re going to share with you 7 office fitout tips that will see your staff productivity soar to an all-time high.

Office Fitout Tips for Employee Productivity

Your business’s success begins with a cleverly implemented commercial space. Here are a few things your office fitout can include to maximise output and morale.

#1 Natural Light

Fuel productivity, creativity and energy with natural light. We are, by nature, active during the daytime. We respond positively to natural light. Being diurnal animals, we are more energetic and have more creative drive when the sun is out!

At SOFC Projects, we understand that creating more windows is sometimes impossible. But we recommend you utilise the windows that you do have. Place workstations next to or within view of windows that spill light into a space.

Well-lit spaces enhance concentration – moreover, fresh air from open windows works wonders too! Studies have also shown that consumers spend longer in commercial spaces filled with natural light.

Office Fitout Tips - Sydney Office Fitouts Company

#2 Colour Psychology

Believe it or not, the colours used in an office fitout play a (big) role in employee productivity. Colour psychology is a thing. Performance does depend on it. And it’s not as simple as it sounds!

Different tones and hues create different atmospheres. You need to pick the ones in line with the response you’re wanting to stimulate. From your workers and customers alike!

Studies confirm that colours have associations. Shades of oranges and yellows get the creative juices flowing. Greens and blues have a calming effect, which can work well for those with fast-paced, demanding roles.

Align your colour choice/s with what you’d like to get out of both your business and workforce.

#3 Open Plan Working

Open plan working spaces create an equal environment where communication is limitless! This invites collaboration, equal input and the sharing of ideas. Modern day commercial spaces are seeing fewer private offices. On the rise are more spaces designed with a dynamic focus, around the sharing of ideas.

An affordable option for open plan working is relocatable partitions. Use these to open areas for spontaneous brain storming sessions that don’t create a disturbance for other workers.

Furnish these areas with ergonomic furniture. Like chairs that are good for spinal health and the option for standing desks.

#4 Ample Storage

Clutter is a killer of productivity, a user of time and a waste of energy. Organisation fuels efficiency and has a positive impact on employees. One way to achieve a minimalistic, clean workspace is by providing ample storage.

Whether your office is big or small, there are a range of cost-effective storage options. Good storage space will maintain a decluttered and orderly working environment. Providing lockers, cupboards, shelves and pigeonholes is a way to do this.

Boost Productivity - Sydney Office Fitouts Company

#5 Stimulate & Drive Brand Awareness

Fittings and fixtures that ooze personality and company values alter the way your employees perform. The environment your commercial space offers has a huge involvement in the communication of your business individuality.

Selling your brand to your staff is as vital as selling it to your customers! Emphasise your company’s persona though brand-specific colours, themes, artwork and lettering. This will also make your business stand out to clients.

Employees are motivated by recognition and encouragement. Representing your brand through your office fitout design is not enough. You should aim to recognise the contributions of your staff. Motivational walls and displays work well for a daily morale boost and creating a sense of pride in the workplace.

#6 Diverse Recreational Spaces

Whilst employees are at work to, well… work – rest and relaxation (in intervals) enhances performance. So, it’s important to design an office space with work and recreation in mind.

Having diverse spaces within the working environment helps facilitate breaks for regeneration. It also encourages good working relationships. Diverse spaces are lunchrooms, games rooms and/or relaxation spaces. These are areas where employees can eat, socialise and take a break from their monitors and deadlines.

Recreational spaces within an office environment assist with high levels of employee engagement. So, it’s worth having a focus on this element of your office fitout design.

#7 Go Green

Offices, as we know them, fuel high levels of cortisol. The traditional office isn’t a comfortable, therapeutic environment. With anxiety and depression levels on the rise, this is something that needs to be addressed.

Indoor plants present many benefits that affect our feelings. Not only do they create a therapeutic environment, but they also improve the air quality. A great way to incorporate greenery into your office fitout is with living green walls, built-in flower beds and shelving for pot plants.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, you can boost productivity amongst your employees with an office fitout that inspires. It pays to consider impressing your employees as well as your customers and visitors when working on your office fitout design project.

Does your current office fitout get the best out of your employees? Is it designed with the well-being of your staff in mind? If not, the time for an office refurbishment might be now!

If you’re interested in increasing your bottom line through a modern, transformative office fitout, we can help you! Get in touch with the team at SOFC Projects to discuss your next office design project.

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