Office Design in Sydney incorporates some Greenery

30 April 2016

Office Design in Sydney incorporates some Greenery

Our evolution as a species has meant that we tend to take a level of comfort in having some vegetation around us. Green spaces and parks are a vital element to any city, and not only because they provide cleaner air and a respite from city noise. They are places where we, subconsciously or otherwise, feel more comfortable and relaxed.

It is a natural extension of this fact that encourages offices to include some manner of greenery in to their décor. Having office plants is calming: it breaks up the sea of white or grey, and offers your office something of vibrancy in colour and content.

There are a number of office plants that will function well in your office refurbishment, ones that will not produce maintenance headaches or take over entire floors. These include:


Small hedges, atop your lower barrier walls, have gained in popularity among Sydney’s office designs, as they provide a more calming and enjoyable method of confining work spaces than simple cubicles. They can be watered sparingly, they do a masterful job of keeping loud noises confined to the work area, and they won’t grow so quickly as to overcome your work spaces.

Potted Succulent

This well-known garden variety can function well indoors, providing your desktop or corner with a sniff of green. While they are somewhat trickier than some plants – they must dry out between watering, and as desert plants, require plenty of natural light – they have gained a solid following.

Walking Iris

This potted plant is popular among many office designers in Sydney, based on its hardiness and the green ambiance that is provided by its large, linear leaves. Although they require a good dose of moisture, a walking iris plant thrills its owners by producing bright and sweet-smelling flowers at the tips of its stems, which last only one day.

Fiddle-Leafed Fig

Among the trendiest office plants of late, this plant functions best as a corner tree. Growing up to two metres in height, this tree can offer large, broad leaves, which seem to glow green in the light. Water them in proportion to the amount of direct sunlight they are receiving, to maximise its potential.

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