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Modern office design here in Sydney is reflective of the fast pace of growth and change across a number of industries in this city. There is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach to office design – today, each sector requires special treatment.

This means approaching each new client, and every new fitout, with an eye to their own working realities, and the needs of their human capital. Every sector requires its own degree of connectivity, its own level of worker privacy, and have different needs or preferences for interior perks or amenities.

Only by taking all facets of the project into account can we arrive at a final product that best suits the business, and more importantly, their human capital. As the battle for talent heats up, it is the successful firm who can attract, and retain, top staff.

A Consultative Approach

At SOFC Fitout and Refurbishment, we approach modern office fitouts in Sydney through a consultative process that aims to narrow down your goals for the project. We identify:

–     Your needs – both practical and technical – and those of your workforce
–     Realities of your space, and the options available to you
–     A realistic use of your budget – we won’t sugarcoat it for you
–     Your timetable and your needs during the refurbishment process

Stay Productive

Our experienced contractors can keep your workforce working throughout the process

Cost Control

Our No Variations clause ensures that we stick to our quoted figure, with no mid-project surprises

A taste for a challenge

We have a passion for executing modern office design for Sydney clients, and helping them to grow


Sydney lies on the eastern coast of New South Wales. A city of beaches and bridges, it is the largest urban centre in the Commonwealth.