Medical Fitout Trends 2020

04 February 2020

Medical Fitout Trends 2020

The inspirations and motivations behind medical fitouts have changed a lot in recent times. To keep up with contemporary design trends, medical administrators are opting for refurbishments of their facilities.

As one of the leaders in commercial fitouts Sydney, in this article we’ll be revealing the list of the top medical fitout trends for 2020.

We’ll also share with you 4 inspiring medical fitouts around the world!

Medical Fitout Trends 2020

To kick off this article, below you will find some of the top medical fitout trends for 2020. If you’re thinking about a refurbishment, to create a modern and welcoming medical facility, these are worth considering.

Embracing & Designing Around Technology

The days of waiting rooms with magazines and a murky green fish tank are long gone. Progress in technology sees patients expecting more. Modern medical fitouts should provide technological conveniences, such as charging stations and interactive screens.

Incorporate Healthy Lifestyle Habits in “The Office”

Ensuring the well-being of your employees through your medical fitout is a must. One of 2020’s major medical fitout trends is incorporating healthy lifestyle habits within the workspace. For example, providing informal social spaces, natural light, fresh air and green walls.

Making Use of Different Textures 

A variety of calming finishes and textures will transport your medical centre into the modern era. Glass and wood, for example, are featured significantly across some of the most impressive hospital fitouts in the world.

Specifically, popular amongst modern medical fitouts in Australia is the use of eco-friendly materials to reduce their overall environmental footprint.

4 Inspiring Medical Fitouts

If it’s inspiration you’re after, you need to check out these 4 contemporary medical fitouts that tick all the boxes!

#1 Fifth XiangYa Hospital (China)

Designer: Payette

Fifth XiangYa Hospital is in Changsha, China, and sits beside a lush green park. They have connected with the green space, both visually and physically. The hospital design and fitout are based on a garden concept. The garden concept was achieved by the integration of major areas into a range of gardens, courtyards and light spaces.

Patients’ rooms boast garden views. A range of spaces within the hospital are enclosed in glass, including their café, surrounded by flowers and ponds. Following on from the green views, their main atrium hosts a huge green wall that is drowned in natural light.

This 2500 bed hospital is a world-class example of an integrated healthcare environment that is efficient and uplifting.

#2 Providence Sacred Heart Paediatric Emergency Centre (USA)

Designer: Mahlum

This paediatric medical facility was designed with a firm objective in mind. Mahlum wanted to create an environment that was engaging, but also calming. An environment that ultimately reduces the level of trauma experienced by young patients.

This has been achieved using warm colours, wood and an abundance of natural light.  A focus of the project was to integrate sustainability. This was done by making use of recycled materials and taking an indigenous approach to the landscaping. Daylighting is another strategy they employed. Daylighting not only increases visual ease but also significantly decreases energy use.

Providence Sacred Heart paediatric hosts a range of both quiet and interactive spaces. It also has a ‘healing garden’ and views over the surrounding area and green spaces. Both its public and clinical areas consist of art pieces, inspirational displays, and comfy furnishings.

In the core of this emergency centre is a central care zone in which a range of practitioners are located. This zone aims to place them in proximity to patients and enhance teamwork. A bonus is that it reduces travel distance within the facility. Its glass partitions create a visual connection whilst maintaining privacy.

Medical Fitout Trends 2020

#3 Nemours Children’s Hospital (USA)

Designer:  Stanley Beaman & Sears

Interaction, lots of natural lighting and views formed the basis of the design and fitout concept for this children’s hospital. It’s easy for the design of children’s medical facilities to fall into the trap of being cliché. But Nemours achieved a fun, yet mature environment that is both fresh and celebrates nature.

The interiors are filled with natural light and offer views over gardens, courtyards and green space for families as well as staff. The spaces within this hospital have a modern, clean feel to them thanks to the use of speciality finishes and high-end materials. Colourful furnishings and graphics are dotted throughout.

A large display wall sits in the main lobby on which young patients can create digital artworks of their own. Children can even change the colour of the accent lighting in their rooms. Not only does this provide an element of interaction but it creates an exciting dynamic on the outside of the building by night.

#4 Akershus University Hospital (NOR) 

Designer:  C. F. Møller Architects

Regarded as one of the most modern hospitals in Europe, Akershus University hospital’s design and fitout is inspiring for sure. Naturally lit workspaces and a connection to the outside, surrounding landscape were priorities in the fitout of this Norway based hospital.

Glass and wooden panels have been used throughout the hospital’s interior, creating a warm, calming environment with a variety of textures.

Another motivation behind the fitout of this hospital was ensuring that patients had a clearly defined daily life, with access to a manageable amount of social interaction. Numerous informal, friendly spaces have been created within the wards, which are centred around courtyards.

Fitout Trends 2020

Final Words

Receiving medical care is often a daunting experience. But a well thought out fitout can provide a good working environment for your medical staff, and a soothing environment for your patients.

A modern medical fitout that promotes aesthetics as well as functionality is what helps you stand out from the competition. It also allows you to future-proof your business by planning your fitout with future growth in mind.

If your medical centre is in the need of a refurbishment, get in contact with one of our experts today to see how we can help you with your next medical fitout project and take your practice to new heights.

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