First Impressions make a huge difference to Office Design in Sydney

29 February 2016

First Impressions make a huge difference to Office Design in Sydney

When you approach a business, an enterprise, or an entrepreneur, we all like to think that we’re blind to everything but their record. But that isn’t the case. We all absorb cues from our surroundings, and their presentation. It sets a precedent for how we interact.

Any professional office must offer a good impression, and not only for the customers’ sake: there is more expected by your potential employees these days. Most of the top-flight talent will reject a job offer from a sub-standard office, one that fails to provide a combination of kitsch and functionality, while able to decrease stress levels and encourage good team camaraderie.

Common gripes include a lack of natural light, confining spaces, and a lack of indoor plants. Recent trends in offices have seen everything from using indoor hedges as desk separators and air purifiers, to the installation of skylights and UV lights, to a whole new floor pattern. There are innumerable methods of redesigning your space to encourage your employees.

On top of this, many are now basing their interest in an office on the degree of sustainability. Those with an eye for it are encouraged by low-wattage lighting and a low carbon output, as well as decent amenities.

Of course, a well-appointed office isn’t only meant to impress current and prospective employees. An office must also be suitable for your client base, arriving for meetings or appointments. This means the entrance, and the meeting areas, are elegantly laid out, easily accessed, and have the relevant multimedia at arm’s length.

There is a lot that goes in to proper office design in Sydney, and staying abreast of these trends is what makes us the choice of so many. Contact us at the Sydney Office Fitout Company to find out for yourself!

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