Corporate Interior Office Designs in Sydney and the Chinese Influence

13 June 2017

Corporate Interior Office Designs in Sydney and the Chinese Influence

Many of us might have come across an iconic image of Chinese growth. In 1990, the south bank of the Huangpu River in Shanghai was mostly marsh, with a few rice paddies, and a criss-crossing of unpaved roads. Twenty-five years later, it is as heavily commercialised and built-up as any area in the world.

Few countries in the world have taken such steps to modernise as China has over the past forty years. Their frantic pace of growth, especially through the 1990s and 2000s, is one of the most unprecedented in modern history, has raised millions of residents out of poverty, and has created an enormous new middle class. Like with any period of industrialisation, issues have arisen – but as their wealth has increased, so to has their ability to tackle such problems. Now, investments in areas such as renewable energy have left China poised to continue this remarkable phase of growth.

Interior office design in the Chinese corporate world has not been left out of this equation, and as Sydney, and most of Australia, has become a target for investment by Chinese firms, these trends are being noted here as well. Because the Chinese are not as stymied by office tradition, they have been able to create some fascinating new takes on the subject, which are unique representations of culture and methodology.

For example, firms in China maintain a stricter adherence to hierarchy. This means that the collaborative workplace craze is less likely to be seen here – executives are far more likely to be found in private corner offices, rather than flat, broad workspaces. It has even extended itself in to such things as separate elevators, parking lots, and cafeterias.

Another element is location Many Chinese firms adhere to the tenets of feng-shui, insofar as their Sydney corporate interior office design goes, even extending to the orientation of the building with its peers. To allow for these realities, many Chinese firms are taking a far more direct role in the design and execution of their offices than they did in years past, and as their presence grows, we can expect this trend to become more influential over the coming years.

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