Commercial Office Design in Sydney and the Green Revolution

15 October 2016

Commercial Office Design in Sydney and the Green Revolution

The current generation of builders, investors, movers and shakers has grown up with the environmental movement, and has taken it to heart. There is a level of thought that goes in to our actions and how they impact upon the environment, and commercial office design in Sydney is not excluded from this. The green office has begun to take hold of Australia.

As awareness of our environmental impact has grown, so too has our realisation that our energy usage must be rolled back. Producing a smaller carbon footprint now is one of those elements of modern life that could potentially make a real difference to the state of the world going forward. And as office designs have changed, so too has our ability to make offices more eco-friendly.

The new Sol Invictus tower in Melbourne brings several innovations to the fore in the search for a building that can, essentially, power itself. Its solar panels, which are mounted both on the top and on the sides, allow the building to capture the sun throughout the day. It’s orientation, with a curved north side, is intending to allow the maximum amount of sunlight exposure. Wind turbines sit atop it, while double glazed windows prevent heat loss.

This building, while expensive, could potentially provide a whole new standard for the eco-friendly firm that is looking to both save energy costs, and market its ability to preserve the earth. These designs will only continue to gain in popularity as years move forward, and at the Sydney Office Fitout Company, we intend to stay on the forefront of this movement in commercial office design for Sydney.

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