19 June 2020

The Pros and Cons of Working from Home vs. The Office

Working from home has become the new ‘normal’ for many of us but it can bring with it differing opinions on whether it has its benefits or downsides. Read on to find out how the ‘working from home’ life is affecting employees.

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03 June 2020

3 Things to Consider When Reintroducing People into The Workplace

With so much information available it can be hard to know the right way to return to the workplace safely, during COVD-19. SOFC Projects has been working with our clients to create ‘Return to the Office Plans’ suited to their needs and those of their staff. 

Below are a few things to consider when reintroducing people into the workplace. 

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28 April 2020

Creating a Healthy Workspace with Biophilic Design

Health and wellness take centre stage in the modern-day. As a result, Biophilic design has become popular. Biophilic design, by definition, is connecting the inside of a space with the natural environment by incorporating plants and greenery into the design.

Not only does the incorporation of greenery in the office create a nice environment, but it also promotes a healthy workplace.

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14 April 2020

A Note from Us About COVID 19

At SOFC Projects, our staff and customers’ health and wellbeing are always our highest priority.

The construction industry is one of few industries that is managing to remain open during this crisis and it’s a testament to the industry in general that it remains so. We are all about “best practice” and regardless of company size, we’re all here to help each other get through this together.

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12 March 2020

Open-Plan Office Fitout Pros & Cons | Modern Office Fitout

The open-plan office fitout was first seen amongst firms in Silicon Valley. Corporate hierarchy came down with their walls, as they eradicated private offices. This open-plan, shoulder to shoulder, concept swayed far from corporate tradition. However, it has since taken off in Australia and around the world.

In Australia today, offices dedicate at least 50% of their space to collaborative, open-plan areas. 20 years ago, this was not the case at all, with as much as 90% of space used for offices and rows of cubicles.

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04 February 2020

Medical Fitout Trends 2020

The inspirations and motivations behind medical fitouts have changed a lot in recent times. To keep up with contemporary design trends, medical administrators are opting for refurbishments of their facilities.

As one of the leaders in commercial fitouts Sydney, in this article we’ll be revealing the list of the top medical fitout trends for 2020.

We’ll also share with you 4 inspiring medical fitouts around the world!

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21 January 2020

Office Fitout Tips to Boost Productivity

A great contemporary office fitout should allow for two things. A great experience for your customers and ultimate employee productivity. As one of the main Sydney commercial interior fit out companies, this stuff excites us!

We’re yet to come across a company that isn’t looking to boost their business output. Many business owners don’t realise that productivity can be boosted with simple changes to the working environment.

So, we’re going to share with you 7 office fitout tips that will see your staff productivity soar to an all-time high.

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24 July 2019

Compass: An SOFC Office Showcase

Working among office refurbishments here in Sydney can occasionally make us a trifle detail-oriented. At SOFC Fitout and Refurbishment, we love the nitty-gritty of commercial office fitout design for our Sydney clients, but it nevertheless is important to occasionally stand back and enjoy the finished product. And recently, we were given the opportunity to do so

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29 March 2019

SOFC completes fitout of Warakirri College’s Science Lab and Food and Technology Room

SOFC Fitouts believes that education is of huge importance to both our young people, and to our Australian identity. And we love getting the chance to contribute to projects involving the education sector, from tertiary all the way to post-secondary establishments. So it was with a fair bit of happiness that we embarked on a project with Warakirri College, to improve their services and their scope, and to ensure that our leaders of tomorrow have a world-class spot to engage in learning.

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26 March 2019

The Legend of the GooglePlex | Office Refurbishments Sydney

Perhaps it’s only fitting that the newly-crowned oligarchs – the tech giants – are also driving trends in office refurbishments, here in Sydney, and throughout the world. These firms, like Facebook, Google, Bing, and Amazon are youthful entrants, but have amassed huge influence in short order. And their youthful workforces have demanded a unique sort of office.

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